Erfan Abdi – residency

I started a one-week residency at Steim with the idea of creating concrete instances of my continuous experiments with vibration passing through matter, which resulted in the making of a first stage of an interactive installation titled “The facility of the other”, and a new version of a performance titled “Points of Contact”.


“The Facility of the Other” – photo by Franke Baldé

“The facility of the other” is an interactive sound installation that turns the act of listening into a collaboration, by exposing layers of its multi-layered sound based on the number of its listeners. In this work, one can hear the sound of the installation by holding a metal bowl against sets of double springs, and putting one’s face inside the bowl. By linking a solitary action to a group experience, this work invites one to appreciate the act of perceiving that is done by the other. During the residency I made a first version of this piece and conducted a test run at the Connector III event at the end of the residency. However, the work remains unfinished to this moment due to technical complications.

points of contact - steim

Here you can watch a video excerpt of the performance:

“Points of Contact” is a performance with two feedback loops; one inside a cage and one outside. In this work, the performer explores the boundaries formed by a cage around his head, and forms acoustic feedback loops by creating points of contact between physical objects that are equipped with transducers and contact microphones. During the residency a new setup for this performance was created and successfully demonstrated at the Connector III event.

steim workshop

It was a privilege to have access to the vast technical equipment available at Steim studios, and I benefited from feedback and advice from the knowledgable staff at Steim. I look forwards to further collaborations.

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