Residency at STEIM, Amsterdam

2015 January

Trio aXolot is an international neotenic collective specialized in interdisciplinary art with the recorder as its core.

The members of Trio aXolot; Sarah, Jose and Dodó each work individually with three electronics wizards and our long time wish was to combine all these together to expand our horizon.

We were very happy to have gotten the opportunity at STEIM to have a four days residency where we could work on new music, improvise, build instruments and to combine the pure sound of the recorder with a variety of electronic elements.

We have named this project aXolot-VERSUS.


Kim-Jose Bode (GER/NL) recorders, voice, flamenco dance

Sarah Jeffery (UK) recorders, clogs, tin whistles, voice

Dodó Kis (HU) recorders, EWI, voice

Rutger Muller (NL) electronics

Felipe Ignatio Noriega (MEX) electronics

Müsfik Can Müftüoglu (TR) electronics, guitar, voice


Day 1.

We started improvising, exploring the high frequencies of the recorders with live processing. We have focused on the difference tones that occur when tiny internals clash in the higher ranges of the recorders.

We also had a hydrophone (that is an underwater microphone) which gave amazing effects when with a plastic recorder we played under the water; part of the instrument was under water.

Day 2.

Rutger started building his own sound installation from a bass shaker, found object and a snare drum. We have also used his construction as a way to amplify and process the EWI (electric wind instrument) which lead us to really interesting sounds.

Next to that, Müsfik wrote a song, Sarah made an arrangement, and we have started putting these together as well, heading into a pop-music direction on this day.

Day 3.

We have experimented with live coding and minimalistic material from the recorders, using broken speakers to amplify the electronic sounds, which lead us to very unexpected results. On this day we finalized our program for the next day: we have created 7 different pieces, 50 minutes of new music during the 4 days oft the residency (!)

“GEEZ” high recorders, difference tones and electronic processing

“Love is a wave function” song written by Müsfik, using guitar, voices, recorders and electronics

Improv with percussive dance, EWI and electronics

“The Battle” Rutger’s DIY instrument in competition with Felipe’s live-coding in Supercollider

Improv with Paetzold recorder, hydrophone and electronics

“Genesis” written by Grimes, arranged by Sarah for voices, EWIs and live electronics

Improvisation with live-coding and minimalistic recorder music


Day 4.

On this day one of the technicians from STEIM came to help us set up the space for the concert, set the lights and the chairs, positioned the speakers and cables. We have run through all of the pieces and worked on some details, then we were ready for our presentation concert!

We were very happy to perform for a full hall, many people came to listen to us and they were very interested in our working process after the concert.

The whole residency was a big success for us, we have learned a lot and it has been great to be able to dive into depths of different sound sources, recorders and their potential relationship with electronic processing. We were free to stay there 24 hours a day, often we stayed late into the night which was an amazing freedom to have, provided by STEIM.

We would like to thank the organization; all the people that helped us realize this dream! Please watch our short video documentary about the residency and if you would like to find out more about aXolot, please visit our website:

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