100 in 1 Midi Master

The 100 in 1 Midi Master is what i’ve come from Australia to work on at STEIM.
The idea is a modular midi controller, using the framework of a modular synthesiser (source, patching, voltage shaping, triggers, gates) but for low level voltages that are converted to midi messages by microcontroler.

The idea behind the system comes form the “100 in 1 Electronic Circuit Kits” popular in the 1980′s.

which derived from larger university learning systems:

The idea behind theses systems were that you could, on the fly, patch-together anything from musical oscillators to simple computers.

In my project the result is an open framework midi controller that lets you build, edit and rearrange your midi setup on the fly. Want a volume fader…done, want some keys…done, a sequencer….done, something in between all those things….you just need a lot of patchchords.

My process so far will be presented on Thurs the 30th of Oct.

If your after more information, you can find it here:

At present the is a plan for a short run of units next year, possibly a kick-starter. 

My website is here: www.robertjordansound.com/cfoge

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