Familiar residency during STEIM modular month

As stated in our welcome post, we planned to be busy during our residency at STEIM and we could not be more right:

Enjoying the studio with our synths and gear set up with an AWESOME sound system 24×7, sharing knowledge, information and bad jokes with the guys from the hardware lab, a workshop with highly talented people, sharing stage with two electronics monsters like Peter Edwards and Rob Hodrich, develop and test a box for an upcoming mini synth and rest at the end of each day in a perfect spot: Last floor on the guesthouse.

We tried to gather as much information as possible to document the output of this residency. We are missing stuff, but we managed to get most of the eagle files from the workshop, recording of the concert and a video demo of the box designed. So, sumarizing:

Some of the projects developed during the workshop:

  • Bryan made a version of Ian fritz AD/AR circuit. Here eagle file: AD_AR
  • Dennis made his own clone of Blip Drum. Here eagle file: BleepDrum
  • Dan did a piezoelectric pre-amp and a shift shield for arduino. Shield´s eagle file here:  Shiftshield
  • Hayco prepared a Dimmer circuit from instructables. Here eagle file: dimmer.
  • Emay prepared a clon of Arthur´s Harrison Cacophonator. Here files: Cacophonator.
  • Gabey designed an arduino shield with… well, this is the picture:

To watch video demo of Punkistylo delay Case made by Chi ha ucciso il conte? Click here.

And the recording of the set is available in archive.org. Enjoy it!

Special thanks to Tijs Ham for organizing STEIM modular month and bringing us to A´dam. Nico Bes and Marije Baalman for taking care of us and providing information, unlimited resources and endles patience. Sybren, Nicoló and David for the good momentes, the bad jokes and making us feel like home @ Hardware lab. Peter and Rob for the music, inspiration and being such electronic-bad-asses. And of course to all STEIM people in general for making this place real.

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