Dr Doppler

Its been a busy last week here at STEIM working on a new robot instrument. Ive been enjoying the company of people making all sorts of great music and instruments. Its always inspiring to have a melting pot of ideas and people like there is at STEIM. Ive wanted to come and do something at STEIM for the last decade so its a privilege to finally be here.

So far I have sorted out the major functions of “Dr Doppler” and now will be focusing the remaining few days on the sonic content for a piece called “Hot Particle” for the Doppler.

Please read the following text for an idea of where the first composition of the work will be heading.

“Hot Particle” is a robotic artwork using a Doppler Machine that combines varying rotational speed, sound and light generated though image analysis of radioactive material collected from air filter studies.
The robot is a type of tripod that holds a speaker and a series of RGB LEDs at the end of a carbon fiber arm which can continually rotate. The speed sound and colour change on input for example blue meaning safe and red meaning Cesium 137.
Air filter sample images are examined for the number and size of particles and then programmed into the robot as an animated sequence.
The speed and colour change as the radiation becomes more present for example blue goes with a relatively slow speed and a harmonious sound while fast and red combines with an aggressive sound.

hot particle6
drdoppler at night
Dr Doppler

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