STEIM Project Blog 2012-04-06 13:44:26

Hi all.

Some impressions from lectures and workshops.

Technical workshops (on STEIM software and physical compyting) were wonderful: I’m actually able to do things and use tools today I wasn’t a week ago.

The lecture of yesterday, April 5th, by Tijs Ham, gave new impulse to my old idea of studying accents. Accent is an aspect of linguistics that has never been investigated for lack of either theorical or practical tools and concepts. Just now some papers and websites on USA accents begin to appear. I think the approach Tijs Ham described yesterday could give impulse to a new field of research in the field of linguistic, in close collaboration with linguistics. My interest for this research is partly due to my phylological background, partly to the incredible richness of accents and prosodies of italian speech. All this has very little to do with music, but it shows how knowledge throws seeds  with unpredictable outcomes.

A thought on a video we have seen this morning, a viola player playing Bach without the bow. How gestures become lightness, dance, poetry of movement, when they are free from the burden of their function…

Luigi Pizzaleo



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