Instrument Lab – 1st day

Hi all. This is my first post on Intrument Lab Project Blog.

I came here in Amsterdam with different ideas  that involved both instrumental (namely amplified metal plates played with a bow) and compositional tools design, as well as various metal stuff to build the instrument. The first day brought many inputs, and many new, unforeseen ideas (such as using Processing sketches as interfaces) have sprung out. Anyway, my main project remains a controller, based on Arduino and a set of sensors, to drive elaboration of sounds (metal plates, or my own voice).

The most important take over today is the richness of musical ideas of participants. I strongly hope to collaborate with at least two of my colleagues (an Oud and a Saxophone).

The only difficulty has been following so many people speaking a fluent english. My english, as often happens to Latin speakers, is a little slow, mostly written, and often I express high-resolution thoughts in a low-resolution verbal form.

Great staff.

Good job everyone!

luigi pizzaleo

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