Cadavre – Yaniv Schonfeld – Artistic residency – April 2012


During this week we mostly played the instrument to understand what kind of movement it demands , through the rehearsals we understood once again that such an instrument is meant to be tuned in advance , like building a pupet , and through its behavior (piano/pupet) our work as musicians and performers is to activate the beast , make it sing its own song, through actions of the body rather than exclusively a musical goal .

since the instrument is big and has a lot of strings, four hands are required at all times.

Narrative structures where used in order to give the performance a smooth flow.

for example:

one metaphor we worked with is the moment pinocchio turns from wood into flesh , by developing the idea of a puppet turning from wood into flesh action emerged as well as an abstract goal of giving life to an inanimate object.

another metaphor that was used is “autopsy” , the first movements on the piano is played with bows , the bridges for the strings that can be bowed where placed in such a way that the action we do with the bows portrays the movement of cutting wood with a saw.

on this opportunity i want to say thank you to all Steims staff for the wonderful hospitality and warmth and support along the way . (you’ll be seeing more of me:)

Excerpt from Cadavre – on youtube

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