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Moldover performing at Patterns and Pleasure


I was introduced to STEIM a year ago when I brought an installation to a festival in Amsterdam.  I am honored to have been invited back for a two-week artist residency leading up to the Patterns + Pleasure Festival.  Both the residency and the festival were wonderful experiences, and I am thrilled to have connected with such an inspiring group!

I spent most of my time preparing the design documents, video, and software templates that will accompany the open-sourcing of my Mojo controller.  I have been developing The Mojo for about five years with help from the global controllerism community including STEIM, other media labs, commercial instrument makers, and DIY builders like myself.  In releasing and publicizing the complete design of this instrument, I hope to contribute some of my knowledge and experience to that community, and further the craft of music-tech performance.  During my stay at STEIM I also had the opportunity to teach an online controllerism workshop for the Talking Thing media lab, give a Light Theremin soldering workshop at the Today’s Art Festival, and DJ for Discovery Festival.

Participating in Patterns + Pleasure was truly a joy for me.  Never before have I had the opportunity to meet such and amazing array of artists, teachers, technicians, and electronic music enthusiasts- all in one place!  Performing in this environment was the peak experience of my European fall tour.  I look forward to future collaborations with these wonderful people.

Thank you STEIM!!!
Moldover (!)

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