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hugo morango

I have a double trajectory. On one side I have a BA in Anthropology, with a personal focus on creativity applied to a development project. On the other side I have been working as a composer for theatre, documentaries, exhibitions and cultural products for the past 9 years. I definitely joined this two fields here in the Netherlands and am currently attending a Master degree in Music and starting a MPhil in Art/music applied to heritage contexts.

My interest in the STEIM workshop was mainly to discover another world. In my composion processes I focus on acoustic instruments, even if sometimes altered with electronic effects. STEIM seemed the perfect place to get in contact with the electronic world for its human-computer interaction ethics and DIY approach.

Although I still find myself far away from the aesthetics of electronic music and performance, two amazing events clearly got my attention:  Junxion is an amazing piece of software which I intend to work with on a personal project, applying its possibilities to an enhanced guitar. Jon Rose’s talk was reaaaally interesting and his experiences will clearly help me develop some subjects on my current MPhil trajectory.

Definitely this was a new frontier that opened for me, and if it depends on me, STEIM will be on my future path with some new collaborations…

Hugo Morango

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