Erik Spangler > Orientation #106 // Guesthouse collaborations

We had our first workshop sessions today, with an introduction to STEIM by Jonathan Reus and an overview of LiSa software by Robert van Heuman. I’m very inspired by the overall environment here and the aesthetic emphasis on physical performance, particularly the ways that the body and its movement in space can control detailed parameters of time in the music. As a live sampling tool, LiSa seems really fluid and open to many configurations. I am thinking about ways in which the fluid control of playback speed, playhead location and loop length within bits of audio in LiSa could be ergonomically controlled in relationship to what I’m doing while manipulating the turntables.

I’ve been connecting with fellow guesthouse residents Abdullah Benabdallah and Matt Wakefield, discovering a lot of common musical interests. Matt and I had a couple of improv sessions today (dueling laptops, padKontrol, melodica), and all three of us are looking forward to setting up for a more extensive free improv in one of the STEIM studios this weekend.

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