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What brought me to Steim?

During my study of Computer Science at the University of Zurich I got familiar with some principles of New Artificial Intelligence. One of them was the awarness that intelligence needs a body. I also believe in the importance of body “knowledge” and share with Steim the idea that Touch should play a major role in the performance art.

Concretely I am looking for new instruments/technics in order to incorporate the embodiment concept into my practice. My current project is called “electroflamenco” and is part of a dance performance show with flamenco dancers, washing machines and light projection. I am sure that these elements build a field for exciting electro/accoustical experiments.

First Day
Today we had the general introduction of Steim by Jonathan Reuss. He showed us several instruments developed at Steim. I noticed that not only the instrument is important but also the performance. People should understand and follow what is going on. I will consider this aspect in future.
In the afternoon we had the presentation of LiSa Software by Robert VonHeuman. LiSa has really a lot of functions and possibilities. I will download the software and go deeper into it to see how I could use it for my work.

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