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My name is Freeka Tet and I am currently active in different projects aka Sgure, Gazormass, Chlorgeschlecht, and MAxibacon.
First I want to say thanks to all the Steim gang, especially Jun, Frank, and Taku.
Second I want to apology for my english ( yes i am french 😐 )
Ok so basically I was resident at STEIM begining of April 2010 for 2 things, hacking the Sixaxis, and build a glove with different sensors on it to replace the Wiimote I am currently using during my performance.
Sixaxis Hack ///////////

I am using Max/MSP on OS X and I finally found a way to get the Sixaxis/PS3 gamepad working thru bluetooth on my machine, I found a high interest on it, as this gamepad have accelerometers and built-in battery and the more important every buttons are pressure sensitive giving me a value between 0 and 255 and all this for less than 50 euro …
What I wanted to do is to change the ergonomy of this device to something I could use more easily for my own show but has we had a lack of time and that everybody was really busy, we worked on my second project instead.
(the sixaxis hack will happen for sure I am working on it on my side..)
Glove ///////
So here is what we worked on with Jun.
A glove with
– 1 accelerometer
– 2 pressures sensors
– 9 reed switchs ( you activate them with a magnet and don’t need to push any buttons )
– everything is a plug to an arduino/funnel board and communicate thru 2 wireless xbee modules.
Then I use Junxion to send all these data to Max/MSP via OSC.
We had only 4 days to do it, but we finally did it! and its working like a charm… but for some reasons, I don’t use it yet in my performances. Kind of weird but this residency made me learn so much about my artistic direction and now I know that I feel better by hacking some popular already existing devices than building a controller from the scratch. This glove is surprising me by his sensivity and precision but its actually too much! And I feel way more comfortable with my Wiimote (we actually had the time to change the wiimote as well, so I have now 2 extras buttons that are just perfect !)
During the residency, I had the time to work a bit on my toothbrush project, I did work on an arduino board, and use the capacitive sensing idea to trig different sampler and effects, thanks a lot Jun for helping me on this !!

[vimeo 9097390]
This is just a quick resume of what happened, I probably will write more details about it later.

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