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After Orientation at STEIM I was full of inspiration and impressions. Thinking and planning new musical interface got the new contures and perspectives what was the very encouraging impulse for me. Some small but very important “pushes” and ideas was the main gains of Orientation for me. Few words are sometimes enough…
Recently I have to finish some opened projects to be able to start work on the new “finger drum” interaface with which I would like to keep in touch with STEIM.
Actually I am “installation transporter”… Changing location of the project www.sonicave.com ( already finished) and removing sound bridge called “Loveka”

Loveka_soundbridge installation

This piece will be installed at city park and will be completely energy independent – using the solar power.
(Project is also part of the SolArs2010 comptetion). It is project based on something that I call “basic interactive” concept – limited and very simple input and output configuration.
I am very intersted how long it will survive…


more later…

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