Sonia Cillari > Sensitive to Pleasure: collaboration with NIMk

Sonia Cillari’s Sensitive to Pleasure project is a collaboration between STEIM and NIMk.

From an interview by Annet Dekker:

“The fairy tale of Sensitive to Pleasure tells about an artist that has created her piece for her own physical pleasure. I act as myself, the artist, dealing with the ambiguity of being in love with my own piece, a creature inside an ambisonics cube capable of revealing the sound of her body when in contact with other human beings. I created it to be pleased with but, as the creature has human-like thinking behaviors, my ideal lover has left me behind. I’m standing still outside the ambisonics cube. I become the doorkeeper of the interaction between the visitor and her. I am condemned to see a visitor entering alone and having pleasure with her without looking at it and what I get back is a very physical pain, which might be also pleasant for me; this is part of the piece. This is a reflection of an event that everybody can recognizes. And beside this human life aspect I like to transport this feeling into the artworld. Of course I’m not speaking of a lover but about my artwork. This is basically the underlying idea behind this piece.”

Below are some photos, more info on the dedicated blog:

STP_receivers_IR_sensor-box2 STP_electric-impulses_021

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