Giorgio Distante > November 2009 Orientation


I’m Giorgio, trumpet player and electronics-user from Italy.

For a long period of time I’ve been using a number of midi/usb controllers ,but I never found the one that suited me completely.

My idea was about a controller ON the trumpet, something within the instrument that could control the parameters of the computer.

Then the only place where to ask “how to” was Steim.

I had the chance to meet really interesting and cool people that put down in a really simple way what seemed to be out of the world to me.

They introduced the Arduino platform and everything started to make sense.

Right now I just started to work on that kind of plattforms and I hope to be able to go back soon to Steim to start working on this project.

In the last couple of months I’ve been using extensively Lisa and Junxion for my music and they works really fine.

Steim seems like a plays where you may share ideas and learn something for sure.

Best regards to everyone.


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