Berit Greinke > Orientation 11-19 Jan 2010

A big thank you to all the STEIM staff members and other participants for this inspiring week!

As a textile designer working with simple sound electronics, but no background in music and only very little experience in live performance, learning LiSa and JunXion is challenging. But I was very happy finding out that the software could be a real big step for my work and bring live sound sampling into textile sampling.

I am currently doing a residency at London Printworks Trust which supports my research about textiles and electronic sound.

I am interested in the translation of colour and printed patterns into sounds, using either colour sensors or cameras. To provide a steady light for accurate colour recognition I built a little stage for colour swatches. David developed the set up in JunXion. Obviously it is quite tricky to achieve repeatable results but it was very promising and I just need a better camera and more even light  and a few other adjustments. Not regarding though that the textiles are still soft materials and not very steady by themselves…

Here a few images from the swatches on stage.



and how they appear on the screen…



A very big thank you to Kristina who gave me great advice how to incorporate live performance in my work. We came up with a few ideas for installations, ‘human installations’ as I call them, and process-based performances. I am still digesting these ideas, but more to come soon.

I very much enjoyed the talks from Robert, Daniel, Takuro and Jun. Jun, thanks indeed for your hardware support!

I look forward to catch up soon again!

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