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…finally, i did it. i was carrying around the idea of attending the Orientation workshop at STEIM for quite a while now, every now and then it surfaced, since i started using junXion on a regular basis 2 years ago. i am very glad that i finally took the dive and confronted almost 10 days of constant raining in Amsterdam in the beginning of October. I consider myself being mainly a performing trumpet player, arranger and composer  with a constantly growing second life/love with live electronics. Apart from the introductions to LiSa and junXion (which gave me for the first time a comprehensive idea about what is possible with LiSa and some additional twists and turns for my usage of  junXion, especially the use of timers and audio input recognition is something that i will definitely look into now…) i was especially inspired by the presentations of Luka Ivanovic, DJ sniff , Daniel Schorno and Hans Leeuw  who use live electronics in very differentiated and individualized ways, which gave me lots of points to think about and encouraged me to go on with my own live setup and shape it still more in the direction of a truly individual instrument. in the moment i am using ableton live as my main software for performing and control it by several commercially available controllers (kaosspad3, 2 faderfoxes, gamecontroller) mapped and manipulated via junXion. i work mainly sample-based with banks of carefully chosen, mostly prerecorded samples that define in themselves already a certain musical “space”, acording to the project that i use them for. in addition to playing and manipulating these samples i do some very basic looping of my trumpet and my harmonium via microphones. i will certainly experiment now with LiSa in order to have this “self-sampling/looping” part of the performance  getting more interesting, reactive and elaborate.

it was also extremely interesting to get some insights into Hans Leeuw´s “electrumpet” design and concept which he showed me quite thoroughly in an individual session. since i am neither the programming nor the soldering-type nearly as much as for example Hans appears to be, i will for sure not come up with such an elaborate design and MAX-programming as Hans did it, but i might very well try to have some controllers in a simpler way integrated into my trumpet and i got some inspiration and starting points for that as well.

after the official end of the orientation i had, thanks to the generosity of nico bes and robert van heumen, the chance to stay in the STEIM guesthouse for 2 more days and to rehearse and record in STEIMs studio 2 with my friend ivo bol (…another STEIM associate). on october 7th, finally, we played a very nice concert, actually the premiere of our new duo BOLMOLL, at the OT301 club, together in a triple bill with dirk bruinsma and dj sniff/keir neuringer. a really great conclusion for a very intense week full of new information. Thanks again to all of you : robert, frank, taku, luka, daniel, hans, nico, and my workshop companions : ulla, bilwa, jeff and chris. my live electronics setup

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