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After the STEIM residency project in October 2007, I used the Immediate Interactive Improvisation system in a number of performances (clarinet + laptop ‘solo’ or clarinet + laptop + a ‘classic’ Moog synthesizer played by Miguel Horatio Sosa in our ensemble ‘Really Ready’). A setup with laptop and a directional microphone proved to be reliable, flexible and fascinating in many jams. However the application based on Synthedit was quite difficult to install (on pc only) and options to improve the performance and the user interface were very limited.
After having tested Pure Data and Max MSP, I have decided in January 2009 to rebuild the application in Java (JavaSound). The speed of Java – one of my concerns – appears to be more than sufficient. The basic functions of the application have remained the same, but the program can now be used online on many hardware platforms including some mobile devices. Other new features are: a user interface which is handy for performances, pitch tracking based on scales and pan controls (stereo) per voice. Jazzperiments Jam – as the new program is called – is online available on http://www.jazzperiments.com/jam. Have a jam with it!
Some samples:
Classical blend: Unternehmen_Boesendorfer_001.mp3
Alternative arrangement: Collider_001.mp3

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