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Continuing research on interaction between cellist and computer.
I spent a most rewarding week at STEIM, Feb. 3rd to 9th, getting oriented and revisiting a system for performance with cello and computer. Through the various talks, lectures, and counseling sessions I learned about, and got to try a Wii controller and nunchuk that I fastened to my right hand for prototyping.
I ensconced myself in the big studio with a roll of tape (to fasten the nunchuk to my hand) and my performance rig (cello, interface, Max/MSP patch). I figured out through trial and error the most effective placement of the accelerometer, and that JunXion was the easiest way to get the information from the controller into my Max patch.
I got to spend many, many enjoyable hours over the weekend working and playing with the new system in the studio, trying, tweaking and trying again. I realized that placement of the sensor will have to be consistent in order to not have to reconfigure all my setting in Max, and that the controller and JunXion will be offering me many more easy options for new data streams in the next incarnations of the system.
Upon arriving back in Halifax I immediately ordered a controller and two nunchuks on Ebay. Yesterday I received the nunchuks and have already hacked (literally!) one into a usable form (see photo). I plan on sewing this into the back of a tight fitting, knitted, fingerless glove, which I can play cello with.
The big test will be next week when I play a show on my suddenlyLISTEN Series here in Halifax.
Many thanks to Robert, Frank, Daniel and Taku for their support and knowledge. And to Marinos, Daniela and Daniel for thought provoking, and usually hilarious talks!
I’ll post again on the results in concert.

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