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During our residency at STEIM (Sept. 29 – Oct. 10) we wanted to begin two projects: Laura (a cellist) wanted to develop a live sampling and sample manipulation setup built in LiSa in conjunction with an intuitive system of switches / pedals / sensors to control this setup with her feet. Mark wanted to modify a busted DJ mixer (Vestax PCM-37 Pro) to act as a control surface for his performance patch written in Max/MSP.

With the use of an AKAI MPD-16, Roland EV-5 expression pedal, Max, LiSa, and the JunXion board, Laura now has a complete system well underway. We put together a looping patch with dynamic length and a non-looping overdub which stops itself (from Max) after each pass. This in conjunction with a screen interface that shows when something is recording / playing / overdubbing, and a couple of banks of settings for the foot pedal. Laura is now working on assigning controllers to various effects using tables, modulators, etc. in LiSa, a program that is a lot easier for her to use than Max, which requires way too much programming as far as she’s concerned.


Mark made some headway on his new interface, but instead of trying to use everything on the mixer, he’s stripping it down to 2 volume faders, a crossfader, 3 knobs, 3 3-position switches, 1 4-position switch, a center-stop-point fader, and a couple of other switches, maxing out an Arduino board w/ 14 digital ins + 6 analog ins. He’s also in the process of rewriting his Max/MSP patch to allow for gesture recording / playback, multi-parameter control, interpolation spaces, and is also trying to incorporate work from previous projects that take advantage of the 6 simultaneous controls provided by Wacom tablets.


We still have a lot of work to do, but we’re grateful for the time, space, and facilities we had at STEIM to devote to our hefty undertakings! We look forward to coming back to do some recording with Laura’s new system later this month.

Laura and Mark Cetilia (Mem1)

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