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I just did the orientation week in steim in december, and was glad to be able already then to put some ideas in practice. My project consists of building a midi ratchet for a piece I will write for the percussion-laptop trio Electronic Hammer. (www.electronichammer.com). My idea is to be able to capture its motoric motion both through its speed and through the contact of the attack of the wooden flange against each tooth of the gearwheel. When the ratchet’s mechanism is put in motion, each tooth will therefore be able to trigger different parameters for processing of events, samples and images.
In these beggining stages of the research, I simply placed a Wii controler on one end of the rathet (which in this case measures 45 cms) to capture the differences in speed with one of the wii’s 3 accelerometers. The data received is used to control the pitch and speed of a prerecorded sample of a ratchet’s loud KLACK. This was done both with lisa and junXion. In order to have the possibiliy to trigger the data with or without the actual acoustic sound attack of the ratchet, I put a sponge on one side of the wooden flange, so that one can choose between spinning clockwise or anticlockwise to either hear only electronic or both the acoustic and the sample simultaneously.
You can watch this simple yet effective example in this link:

The next step will be to build in an Arduino BT box to capture each attack.

Juan Felipe Waller

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