In collaboration with
Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ,
BIMHUIS and Mediamatic


STEIM, the Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music, is celebrating its 50th anniversary with the FESTIVAL: STEIM 50 YEARS.




We're Having
A Festival!


Misha Mengelberg, Louis Andriessen, Peter Schat, Dick Raaymakers, Jan van Vlijmen, Reinbert de Leeuw and Konrad Boehmer founded STEIM on 27 February 1969.

This group of composers argued for the acceptance of experimental and electronic music as a legitimate art form. Consequently, STEIM developed into an internationally celebrated lab for music and sound,

thanks to the efforts over the years of its enigmatic directors, artistic directors, visiting artists and interns, and dedicated creative and administrative team.

September 13th

September 14th

September 15th

The festival not only celebrates STEIM’s heritage,
but anticipates a rich future of sonic, musical and social possibilities.

What's Happening?

Friday, September 13th
Workshops in STEIM, Broedplaats Lely. STEIM will have an impromptu café, and the microTONE exhibition and archive works from the Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid will be open to the public.

Saturday September 14th
STEIM symposium in the BIMHUIS, a concert and Lightning Talks in the Black Barn of Mediamatic featuring upcoming artists on the Pentacle surround sound system, and dinner in Mediamatic's ETEN restaurant.

Sunday September 15th
Birthday concert in the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ in the Kleine Zaal. In collaboration with the Muziekgebouw’s The Rest of Noise program, this special event features STEIM'S former artistic directors who gather in Amsterdam together for the first time.

11am-late @ STEIM

Visit STEIM’s microTONE exhibition, a collection of sound art works in boxes.
Bring your ears. Enjoy!

Workshops, September Friday 13th
11am-late @ STEIM

While we are still finalising the exact times and topics, we’ll be having the following workshops. We anticipate a second day of workshops on Monday 16th to accomodate for demand.

Frank Baldé – Introduction to Modular Synthesis programming
Frank Baldé – Advanced class in Modular Synthesis programming
Joel Ryan & Kristina Andersen – Special Open Research Group
Atau Tanaka – Exploring physiological signals with sensors and machine learning
Tina Blaine – The Power of Community and Musical Experience
Jan St. Werner – Special Open Research Group
Mazen Kerbaj – Improvisation and visual art
Takuro Mizuta Lippit – Listening with hands (turnablism)
Takuro Mizuta Lippit – Mapping Experimental Music Practices in Asia
Vivian Wen Li – Documenting artists and managing an Artist residency

Symposium, September Saturday 14th
The Metaphorical STEIM
11am-4pm @ BIMHUIS

STEIM invites friends and collaborators to our symposium, The Metaphorical STEIM.

With a renewed focus on sound art as a self-contained art piece, reflected in its microTONE exhibit, STEIM draws on its fifty years of sound and sound technology knowledge to look beyond music as an isolated discipline to create as many connections as possible to serve the twenty-first century's networked society. These connections are

not only with other art forms and cultural practices,but with other sectors of society such as architecture,urban development, sciences and other contexts where sound and time can be a meaningful part of the experience.

Lightning Talks, Dinner and a Concert, September Saturday 14th
6pm-late @MEDIAMATIC

STEIM presents an evening of short, informative yet entertaining “lightning talks” about imagined musical instruments, sound art works or anything sound-related.

The key is that these instruments haven’t been built yet,and they couldn’t possibly exist at this moment in timedue to scientific and technological impossibilities. They are “impossible machines” in the truest word. Consider what didn’t exist 50 years ago and now isstandard in our machines: wireless communications,removable, rechargable batteries, microSSD drives, 3D printing…

What kind of amazing instruments might we have in the future, when new technical inventions arise?


Join us for a sonic-inspired dinner in Mediamatic's ETEN restaurant. Following up in the Black Barn, we’ll be featuring young upcoming artists performing live on the Pentacle 15-speaker surround sound system: making wonderful sounds and noises well into the night.

Concert, September Sunday 15th


In collaboration with the Muziekgebouw’s The Rest of Noise program, this special event features STEIM’s former artistic directors who gather in Amsterdam together for the first time to celebrate a long and extraordinarily creative history:

Atau Tanaka
Daniel Schorno
Jan St. Werner
Joel Ryan
Mazen Kerbaj

Nic Collins
Rebekah Wilson
Tina Blaine
Takuro Mizuta Lippit


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