Pulse//Wave – Performance by Michele Abolaffio & Giuliano Anzani

Pulse//Wave explores the sonic nature of bodies and objects.
Two performers are challenged to tame material’s sound behaviour. Resonances are amplified and exposed through excitation and interaction. Hidden patterns reveal through sound: matter and flesh become instruments.
Pulse//Wave is a performance that uses a feedback system as an exploration medium. Contact speakers, applied on the wooden panel, excite the material. Contact microphones, placed on the performer’s skin, capture the sound and shape it through the body. Gestures and degrees of pressure influence the feedback behaviour and become tools for musical expression. The tactile response of the panel provides a further degree of control. The excitation of the structure is revealed by the physical response between the panel and the performer’s gesture.
The boundaries of both material and bodies are exposed by inducing extreme vibrational patterns, creating tension-states that manifest themselves sonically.
A counterpoint to the physical interplay is presented via an improvisational dialogue with a sound processing environment controlled by one of the performers.
Two custom lights react to the sound energy released in the intersection between the hands and the panel, casting lights and shadows on the focus of the interaction. The lights add a theatrical dimension to the piece, as they highlight the scene and enhance the movements.

Pulse//Wave is a performance by Michele Abolaffio and Giuliano Anzani, premiered at STEIM on 4th April 2019.

Extract from performance at STEIM, 4th April 2019

Concept, physical build and reactive lights: Michele Abolaffio
Structure design: Adi Hollander
Software: Giuliano Anzani & Michele Abolaffio
Performers: Giuliano Anzani & Michele Abolaffio


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