NoiseFold > Development Residency

  NoiseFold was formed in late 2005 when Cory Metcalf and I began collaborative development of an integrated audio-visual performance instrument & synthesis system. Central to our approach is a…

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Gene Carl > 4 dancers:4 loudspeakers video

Video of rehearsal showing influence of dancer on loudness, tone color, choice of samples and spatial parameter of the music. Video of Electric Storks Storks    

Nina Boas > To create a choir

My work consist of layers, in the use of the mixed media, drawing, building installations, live constructions, performing, and playing with scale and creating a bond between reality and the…

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MLB > U.S. Performances

[One of a couple of posts on the 2010’s MLB research and noise/light performance invitational project by Jamie Allen.  The photos in this post are by Phillip Stearns and Derek…

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