Full! Sound as a Source for Film

July 20th, 2013 10:00 am until July 21st, 2013

A 2-day workshop on experimental sound approaches for cinema. During the workshop you will learn set recording approaches while producing a short film on location.


PLEASE NOTE! The workshop is full, when you register you will be on the reserve list.
Registration must be made for this workshop in advance using this registration link


Kris Limbach experimental sound techniques for film

photo Fred Dott (Kunstverein Hamburg)



“Films are 50 percent visual and 50 percent sound. Sometimes sound even overplays the visual.” – David Lynch


This workshop offers a practical approach to sound work done for film. Beginning with a general emphasis on sound recording on a film set, the workshop will move towards subjects of sonic experimental filmmaking as a whole.

During the 2 days participants will obtain basic knowledge about field-/ambient and voice recording for film, as well as different recording and miking techniques. The basics of film theory will be introduced to give a foundation for communication on a film set with the director and camera operators. The workshop will also include a brief introduction into open source and linux-based sound production and postproduction.

By the end of the workshop all participants will have created a short film / soundwork/ installation/ radioplay etc. that will be employ key knowledge about set recording. Although the workshop is focused on sound and set recording techniques, it will touch on the whole picture of film theory and practice.


DATE: 20 – 21 July, 2013
TIME: 10:00 – 18:00 (each day)
LOCATION: STEIM Concert Space, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134 Amsterdam
COST: €70
Registration for this workshop must be made in advance using the registration link above.



DAY 1 emphasis: theoretical

  • history/study of sound techniques. Examples of using sound in film and experimental
  • film miking/material and technical approaches to set recording

DAY 2 emphasis: Hands On

  • film making, recording. Production of a one minute short film.
  • introduction to linux based Post production with Harrison Mixbus / Ardour and xjadeo
  • editing, montage – presentation in the evening.


What to bring / prepare

This workshop is appropriate to participants with all levels of technical background, from neophytes to sound engineers. There will be an HD Cam and multichannel recording Equipment available, but we ask that you also please bring whatever cameras, recording devices, sounding objects, and other sound producing devices you want to work with during the days of the workshop.

Also please bring your laptop (does not need to be linux-based).


Christoph “Kris” Limbach (born in 1978) is a sound artist residing in Berlin. Limbach graduated in applied physics from FU-Berlin and his physical knowledge merges into his sound and art work. His emphasis is always on exploring sound and image in an experimental way. Although his focus is on sound, he is involved in film projects since 1998, exploring always formats and aesthetics of cinema.

His first experimental film, Cuento Incompleto was published in 2005 in a book project in Madrid (Mundolavapies). This work for film has an outstanding influence on his current sound-art works, using film-editing techniques and film sound aesthetics for his sound pieces like the ongoing begin_ if _ () sound project and live performances. He released on labels such aas Richard Garets´s Contour Editions, Staaltape, Modisti, Framework Radio and more. He does sound engineering and installation for John Bock in addition to production and mastering work at Emitter19 Studios.

He curates, together with Pierce Warnecke, the emitter micro Festival , a biennial experimental sound Festival in Berlin.

bio Kris Limbach

photo (c) Julien Charlon