MODALITY Concert Night

April 5th, 2014 8:00 pm 
OT301, Overtoom 301, 1054 HW Amsterdam OT301, Overtoom 301, 1054 HW Amsterdam

Modality is a project dedicated to modal interaction with synthesis processes for physical control in performance.


Custom-made hardware, game and MIDI controllers are turned into musical instruments through coded interactions, resulting in improvised noise collages, noisy popsongs, livecoded gestures, musical chats, and audiovisual anarchivism and livesampled turntables. In April, the Modality team gathers in Amsterdam, working on various projects at STEIM and performing at the OT301.

DATE: Saturday the 5th April, 2014
TIME: 20:00 – 02:00
LOCATION: OT301, Overtoom 301, 1054 HW Amsterdam

The concert brings together a range of Dutch and international artists:

Miguel Negrão (PT/IR)
Tim Blechmann (AT)
Marije Baalman (NL)
Trio Brachiale (DE)
Jeff Carey (US)
Alberto de Campo (AT/DE)
Hannes Hölzl (IT/DE)
Wouter Snoei (NL)
Till Bovermann (DE)
Amelie Hinrichsen (DE)
Jan-Kees van Kampen (NL)
Tapage (NL)
Djoust (NL)

Organised by nescivi, in collaboration with STEIM, BEK and OT301, and made possible with a subsidy from the Creative Industries Fund NL.