Thanks for coming!

Thanks everyone for making Patterns + Pleasure a big succes! Every program was sold out and we can’t be happier. We hope you enjoyed the festival as much as we did. More pictures, video’s and reviews will be online soon.

The sounds of Patterns + Pleasure

 A preview to the festival with selected music by

Jessica Rylan – Butterfly Collector
Tatsuhisa Yamamoto, Muneomi Senjyu – Scattered Devils
David Toop – breathing chaos
Jeroen Uyttendaele – bluebook #1
Alex Nowitz – Angelus Novus Nr.2 part 2
Moldover – Say it
Edison – the surface and under
Erik Carlsoon & Steven Hess – Waal
Tom Johnson – study for player piano
Violent Onsen Geisha – untitled
Author & Punisher – lonely
dj sniff – three
Toktek – tweett
Nina Boas – Les Follies
Hairstylistics – pop bottakuri

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For 42 years, STEIM has helped artists realize dream instruments that would allow them to make music like no other. Patterns + Pleasure will feature some of the newest and most adventurous approaches in today’s live electronic music. With live performances, a symposium and workshops.