STEIM Micro Jamboree 2008

Video: One Man Nation Presentation (Performance)

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009 by Marc Chia

One Man Nation - STEIM Micro Jamboree Presentation/Performance from M.

Analog mush in this piece comes from the use of several self-built piezo contact microphones to pick up the ‘found sounds’ or mechanical sounds created through using my instruments, this is as far as one can get from technological complexity. The contact microphones will be strategically placed to pick up specific sounds created by
- button presses on the Monome computer interface
- fader and knob movement on the midi controller
- furniture noise caused by equipment moved during a performance, hand drumming
on table/chair/floor, chair screeching from body movements accidental or otherwise

This ‘technological enhancement’ will be the only added hardware to the current performance setup. Other elements that the performance consists of
- playing with a given space and audience
physically moving through a watching audience, thus dissolving the line between performer and audience.
- manipulating psychoacoustic perception
the use of voice with and without microphone, amplifying or muting sounds picked up by piezo microphones.
- improvisation,
exploring the risk in undetermined form, implying new notions of chance in its relation to art.
- using the environment as an instrument the environment at my disposal, I have used tables, chairs, drums, percussion, dolls, cymbals, shoes, sticks, necklaces and an endless array of found objects at a given venue as sound source.

Video: Concert 2 - Heidi Mortenson

Thursday, December 11th, 2008 by Vivian Wenli Lin

The Body, The Circuit, The Computer and The Voice: Heidi Mortenson from STEIM Amsterdam.

Video: Concert 2 - robotcowboy

Thursday, December 11th, 2008 by Vivian Wenli Lin

The Body, The Circuit, The Computer and The Voice: robot cowboy from STEIM Amsterdam.

Video Concert 2: circuit Music

Thursday, December 11th, 2008 by Vivian Wenli Lin

The Body, The Circuit, The Computer and The Voice: circuitMusic from STEIM Amsterdam.

Video: Concert 2 - Alex Nowitz

Thursday, December 11th, 2008 by Vivian Wenli Lin

The Body, The Circuit, The Computer and The Voice: Alex Nowitz from STEIM Amsterdam.

Photo: Concert 2

Thursday, December 11th, 2008 by Robert van Heumen

Alex Nowitz:


Jamie Allen:

Heidi Mortenson:

Photos by Frank Baldé

Concert Review: Turntable Music Night 5

Thursday, December 11th, 2008 by Marc Chia

This night brings back the immortal technique, references to the ghettos that spawned it obliterated.  Experimentalism in its place, we were prepped for a night of decks and scratch, microphones exchanged for styluses.

Stigingeoy w/ PussyKrew
Armed with 3 turntables and an assortment of guitar effect pedals, Stigingeoy with PussyKrew on visuals commence the night with their brand of entertainment consisting of dark drones coupled with a deep bass driven sojourn accompanied by aspect ratio warped visuals of a random shushi bar distorted by Stigingeoy’s noise beyond recognition.  The bleek soundscapes accentuated by digitally decomposing visuals, this duo bring us through the aurora of digital clipping mixed in with synthetic soundscapes accentuated by choir samples leading audiences to the climax of bit crushed static drones over big wave frequency sweeps going hand in hand with PussyKrew’s extreme close-ups of a brewing tsunami.


Snippets, quotes and links from the Energy Music panel - Jamie Allen [again]:

Thursday, December 11th, 2008 by Kristina Andersen

Performance energy:
own project: boomBox, a flight case with sensors in it, performance of manipulating and playing the box.
other peoples’ projects: Remko Scha and Arthur Elsenaar

Energy purification:
[taking power and moulding it into music]
own project: circuitMusic
other peoples’ projects: Toshimaru Nakamura: no input mixer.

Material and energy autonomy:
own project: Art Generator
other peoples’ projects: Rory Nugent: Square Band, Jeff Fedderson: Earth Speaker, Michel de Broin: Shared Propulsion Car [pedals].

What are our technology options?
Energy harvesting, piezo, solar, water/wind.
System concerns data, efficiency battery power.

Sine wave turn table, made with Jo Kazuhiro [using a generator to power an amp but also using the sine wave signal as audio source].

Jamie got a craclebox from michel and went to the park and played it outside.
Circuitmusic machines - a portable player being made right now - 6 different versions with different energy sources.

There were lots of questions:
The relevance of russian aura photography?
How involuntary is the autonomous nervous system?
Is it reductionist to want to bypass gesture in music?
How long is for ever?
Is miniaturization actually driven by the desire to stop you from being able to fix things?

Video: Brian Degger - examples of projects

Thursday, December 11th, 2008 by Vivian Wenli Lin

Brian Degger - examples of projects from STEIM Amsterdam.

Snippets, quotes and links from the Energy Music panel - Brian Degger:

Thursday, December 11th, 2008 by Kristina Andersen

Getting of the grid and getting over the embarrassment of being environmental.

Bioacustic ecology:
Example: David Dunn: listening to the bark beetle - indicated the level of stress in the tree and also the signal from the beetle itself.

Is sonification the poor brother of visualization?

Examples: Katie Patterson, a telephone connected to a glacier. Marko Peljhan Microlab, placing themselves in fragile environments and generating their on infrastructure [like a satellite].

The are too kinds of environmentalism: work that is shouty and preachy or work that illustrates an environmental process but does not preach.
Milkproject by Polak/ Auzina
Helsinki Power Station by hehe, visualizing the energy consumption on a smokestack in Helsinki.
the lake by Julie Freeman, visualization of freshwater fish.

Is there an end to innocence and aesthetics? Can we get from navel gazing to shoe gazing?

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