junXion FAQ

This is a list of some currently known issues/bugs/features, and some tips on how to work around/with them. Please email suggestions to STEIM support.
1. CPU load issues
Early 2008 STEIM added junXion support for Wiimotes and Audio Input. With this new version of junXion some users experienced higher CPU loads. Here are some tips concerning these issues:
  • When setting the amount of Wii Inputs in junXion's preferences to 1 or more, junXion will constantly check if a Wii tries to sync with it, thus using extra CPU time. If you are not using a Wii in your setup, set this preference to 0.
  • When the Audio Inputs are enabled in junXion's Preferences, the program is continuously analyzing the audio source's input signal, getting an audio envelope signal and pitch detection signal per input. This eats up considerable CPU time, so if you are not using audio inputs, disable this setting.
  • When you are not using the Quicktime synth, disable it, since it will also save you some CPU time.
  • In general, when you have 'analog' input sensors connected to Actions that send out MIDI continuous control data, make sure to check the 'only send changes' box in the Action's 'output event' pane. This will thin out the MIDI data stream considerable, thus saving you valuable bandwidth and keeping it more relaxed for your Midi receiving application.