Orientation Workshops

The orientation workshops began with a tour of the building and an inspiring presentation by Kristina demonstrating STEIM’s rich history. This was followed by a demonstration of the Junxion and…

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Cardboard Orchestra

  I came to STEIM with a prototype of an invention I call “Cardboard Orchestra”. The concept is to design an inexpensive easy-to-build synthesizer to teach young people about science,…

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Jenny Gräf Sheppard

My work at STEIM consisted of work on a project titled Inheritance.  My time was divided between studio recording, daily walks through the ribcage shaped canals that form the inner…

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Dr Doppler video shot @ Steim

Thought I would share some video we shot at steim during my residency. The work has been well received back here in Vienna. Dr Doppler

Dr Doppler

Its been a busy last week here at STEIM working on a new robot instrument. Ive been enjoying the company of people making all sorts of great music and instruments.…

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