About ivo

I am an Amsterdam based composer, live performer and sound artist. After playing bass guitar in various bands I became increasingly interested in electronic music, algorithmic composition and sound design. I magnify the atmosphere of lost and found sounds in my compositions; I am looking for beautiful little details that will come to life in a new sound world. When performing live I use game controllers and software instruments to tweak live captured sounds in an intuitive way. I studied history in Groningen and sonology (electronic music) at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and took part in various workshops and artist residencies. I have worked with musicians, choreographers, theatre makers and visual artists such as José Navas, Martin Butler, Kenzo Kusuda, Miriam Reeders, Maria Ines Villasmil, Luis Lara Malvacias and with the Guangdong Modern Dance Company. My work has been performed throughout Europe, in South Africa, United States, China and Venezuela.

Ivo Bol > The Bailout

THE BAILOUT Feb 5 & 6 I was working in STEIM with the Amstel Quartet, on the piece “The Bailout” which I am writing with Ties Mellema. The Bailout is…

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Ivo Bol & Miriam Reeders / Memory Scan

In August 2006 I presented an installation at the performance festival Noorderzon in Groningen, together with artist Miriam Reeders. We totally rebuild a caravan into a multi-sensory experience. One person…

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