About Abdullah Benabdallah

HIGHER EDUCATION University of Zurich, Master in Modern History, Computer Science (focus on Artificial Intelligence) and Music Ethnology MUSIC EDUCATION Flamenco Guitar Studies in Cordoba, Spain Classic Guitar studies in Zürich, Switzerland Study of andalusian classical music in Algeria Composition of electro-flamenco music for swiss dance company “el contrabando” Current Project Bolero della Borsa: Premiere, Genova, 2008. Inspired by Reto Emchs installation “H2O”, 30 washing machines exposed in the ancient stock market of Genova, I developed together with choreographer Anet Fröhlicher (cie el Contrabando) an electro-flamenco show called “Bolero della Borsa”, using electronic music, flamenco samples and sounds of washing machines triggered live to accompany dancers. On same year “Bolero della Borsa” was also selected by “Certamen de Coreografía de Danza Española y Flamenco“ (Spanish dance contest) and presented at Teatro Albéniz in Madrid and as guest performance at Fondazione Merz, in Torino, included in exhibition „Meteorite in giardino“. On_Line: continuation of “Bolero della Borsa”. Stage setting: 4 washing machines, video projection by light designer Stephan Haller and 4 flamenco dancers. Music: electronic composition using drums machines, synths and washing machines samples, mostly atonal, repetitive and minimalist. Premiere, Tanhhaus NRW, Düsseldorf, Germany