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For my project Mixing Cities I asked STEIM if I could place microphones at their building for a registration of the sound environment in front of the building. This way I have in total five sets that do this in different cities. Besides Amsterdam there is Rotterdam, Enschede, Eindhoven and The Hague. The sound is streamed over the internet to my server.
The audio streams of the five locations come together in Mixing Cities. A mixing panel with five faders allow you to listen to one of the streams, for instance Amsterdam, or more at the same time.
Besides audio also the light environment is represented in the installation. Simple LDR sensors receive the light situation of the locations and this information is translated in the strength of the light bulbs on the mixing panel.

The audio streams are transmitted in the ‘ogg’ audio format with help of the open source radiostreaming project Ices2 and Icecast. Arduinos, PD and MaxMSP are used for the sensor data and the mixing panel.
The installation I made two years ago and was premiered at TodaysArt07 in The Hague.

Mixing Cities is presented at RamFoundation in Rotterdam until the 4th of October 2009.

More about Mixing Cities on my website


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Bart Koppe (1975), graduated in 2005 from the Interfaculty of Image & Sound / ArtScience at the Royal Conservatory The Hague. His works usually consists of tangible interfaces in combination with electronics, computers, and networks. The concepts behind his installations and network art emerge from questions, experiences or thoughts about technological change and its influence on daily life. The communicational and social aspects of technology take an important place in most of his works.

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