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Fire & Ignorance is a collaboration between the musicians Anders Hana and Morten J. Olsen (of MoHa!) and artists Idan Hayosh and Anu Vahtra. A high-density dialogue of sonic and visual performance that involves the audience in a physical experience of definite power and energy.
The collaboration is balancing on the border between (electro-acoustic) music and art fields that by overlapping create an engaging unity. In a close exchange composed sound and light formations merge and establish something very clear and consistent at the same time.
The musicians (Hana/Olsen) use a mix of old and new technology, one part being a set-up for drums and SuperCollider initiated by Olsen with Jeff Carey at STEIM back in 2004. The other one a set-up including a digital synth and electric guitar played alternately. The lamps are played manually on switch boxes built by the artists (Hayosh/Vahtra) and the resulting piece is not an automated or interactive “tech-show” but rather an audio/visual instrumental piece on all levels, with integrated custom or self made technology/instruments.

As we come from different places it was important for us to spend a concentrated period of time together in one spot in order to continue and finish composing our piece. The two-week residency in STEIM in January was a great opportunity for that and Studio 1 a perfect space. The high sound levels were kindly tolerated by STEIM staff and other residents at the time and we successfully completed the compositional aspect of the project. After the final rehearsal week end of February in Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo we played 10 shows in different venues around Europe.

Setup in Studio 1

Setup in Studio 1

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