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Following my ten day residency at STEIM which coincided with their second micro-jamboree, I was encouraged to take some of the ideas I presented and form them into tools for use by other people. As such I am releasing a set of java processing/jitter tools for data visualization and interaction.

Radviz screenshot fullscreen

Radviz max external win32 is the windows mxj java source, classes and Max 5 description patch that I am making available for general use. For mac you just need to recompile the external from within the mxj environment. Their is a readme in the zip file explaining where to put the source .java files within the Max 5 installation forlder.

The amiga forever font that is used inside the description patch is available for mac and pc from the excellent freaky fonts.

I am currently developing this data visualizer to accept input from Tristian Jehan’s analyzer external in a patch that handles realtime segmentation, analysis and database entry of acoustic signals. This will be publicly released shortly in a max patch that showcases this application of the radviz external. I am also developing the visualization of sequence information using the same framework.

Check back here for further updates to this work and feel free to ask questions over installation/use or leave any feedback.

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Robin Price was/is a visiting artist at STEIM from Belfast where he is a final year PhD student in composition and creative practice at Queen's Sonic Arts Research Centre. His research centres in the use of visualized databases for interactive music creation. Robin's practices and interests include VJ/DJing, hardware/software design, musical improvisation and composition. He enjoys programming the 303 and playing the double bass. His previous academic background is in theoretical physics in which he graduated from the University of Wales, Swanesa in 2006 and part of his approach to design includes the use of physical concepts and ideas borrowed/stolen from maths and physics. He holds the P.M. Davidson memorial prize for physics and a City and Guilds Merit in studio technique.

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