Crackle Pack Kit

Make your own touchable sound instruments and interactive electronics. Based on the playful and unpredictable circuitry of the original Cracklebox, the Crackle Pack is a DIY electronics kit specially tuned to produce sound by “circuit bending” through direct touch.

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Welcome to the world of Crackle. Michel Waisvisz designed and built the very first Crackle circuit in the late 60ties together with Geert Hamelberg. This was simply a wooden frame…

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junXion is an application for connecting sensors, joysticks, OSC, Audio, Arduino, and camera devices up to your computer for control over sound and visuals. junXion can process ‘sensors’ from most sources using conditional processing and remapping, with MIDI or OSC events as its output. This resulting MIDI or OSC data is then available to any software that runs on that Mac or can be send to external MIDI/OSC devices.

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