TONE Presentation

January 23rd, 2016 8:00 pm 
Steim, Achtergracht 19, 1017WL, Amsterdam Steim, Achtergracht 19, 1017WL, Amsterdam

This new year STEIM is going to start with the development of a new platform for Sound Art, TONE. We will kick off the season with a presentation of artworks and performances blurring the lines between instruments and installations


DATE: 23rd of January, 2016
TIME: 20:30 (Doors open at 20:00)
FEE: €10
LOCATION: STEIM, Achtergracht 19, 1017WL, Amsterdam



Pierre Bastien


Pierre Bastien will open the evening with a lecture and later on give a performance with his mechanical instruments.

Pierre Bastien post-graduated in eighteenth-century French literature at University Paris-Sorbonne. In 1977 he built his first musical machinery. For the next ten years he has been composing for dance companies and playing with Pascal Comelade. In the meantime he was constantly developing his mechanical orchestra. Since 1987 he concentrates on it through solo performances, sound installations, recordings and collaborations with such artists as Pierrick Sorin, Karel Doing, Jean Weinfeld, Robert Wyatt or Issey Miyake.

Tom Verbruggen

Crackle-canvas V15_3_ Tom Verbruggen

Tom Verbruggen (toktek), NL

Originally trained as a fine artist with a specialism in painting Tom Verbruggen (TokTek) is a self-taught musician and instrument maker. It is from this interdisciplinary context that his ‘sound-objects’ the ‘Crackle-Canvas’ series was born. ‘Crackle-Canvas’ has been described as a series of interactive paintings in which the canvas is composed of embedded speakers, switches, knobs and wires, which are literally played as individual instruments but when connected via cables to other canvases, create an ensemble of sound drawings.

This twist on the traditional notion of painting is typical of the playful approach that Verbruggen brings to his work. Whether it is sampling his mother cooking, or playing live with collaborators as TokTek, the artist is continually exploring the borders of live,  improvised and responsive, human-machine interaction. For Verbruggen this is the ‘sexy interface’ between the machines, repetitive and consistent patterns, working against and with the the humans more intuitive, randomised approach. Artistically Verbruggen seeks out the rawness, which lies between these two modes of play, which makes both his installation work and live performance not only visually captivating to watch but aurally refreshing.


Gabey Tjon a Tham

Gabey Tjon a Tham is an installation artist working and living in the Hague, The Netherlands.
She transforms spaces into a sensory environment through kinetic machines, light and sound. She observes simple behaviours and patterns in nature from where she extracts and assembles fundamentals. Her work explores relationships between human kind, nature and technology where unpredictable processes, conflict and harmony, are important subjects. She develops techniques, invents mechanical sculptures that embed different materials and perform at different poetic levels. Hereby choreographies that have both a mechanical and natural character arise.

In every work, the elements are constantly evolving thus demanding patience and attentiveness to fully reveal themselves. They invite us to wonder at, contemplate, and investigate. With each work she aims to create immersive spaces where we can experience how the world touches us.



During her residency at Steim she will continue developing the kinetic, sound installation The Monads (2015), a work consisting of 6 x 2 leslie speakers in which the wind going through the leaves of the trees formed the starting point.

Gabey at work in Steim Studio 1

Gabey at work in Steim Studio 1

She will mostly work on various compositional methods in software (Max) where she explores relations in sound, movement and space. Topics of interests within this research are natural and complex systems, feedback and algorithmic composition.

Developing the TONE installation at Steim's Studio 1

testing the Monads sound installation at Steim’s Studio 1

You can follow her process on:

Gabey’s residency is co-supported by the talent development program of the Creative Industries Fund NL.