June 18th, 2014 8:00 pm 
STEIM Concertspace, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam STEIM Concertspace, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam

Former artistic director or STEIM Jan St. Werner presents sounds and visions from his latest Fiepblatter Catalogue. His friends Kathy Alberici and Peter Kirn will be joining him for solo sets and a collective performance using the iphone instrument WretchUp, a music software made by Mouse On Mars with the help of Peter Kirn, Florian Grote and Rupert Smyth.

Jan Werner

DATE: Wednesday the 18th of June, 2014
TIME: 20:00 / 01:00
LOCATION: STEIM Concertspace, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam
COST: €10


Jan Werner
St Werner, Jan is a sound artist, composer and musician, based in Germany. He often works collaboratively with visual artists, such as Rosa Barba as well as under the aliases Lithops, Neuter River, Noisemashinetapes and Mouse on Mars (with Andi Toma), Microstoria (with Markus Popp) and Von Südenfed (with Andi Toma and Mark E Smith). He has released several albums both solo and collaboratively, including The Fiepblatter Catalogue series and the forthcoming Mouse on Mars 21AGAIN Project (2014) and co-runs Sonig, an independent music label for experimental, electronic and non genre specific music. He has composed orchestral works for musikFabrik, Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop, Chicago Symphony Orchestra. St Werner’s work has been featured at Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, 2004; CUBITT Gallery and Studios, London, 2008; the ICA, London, 2009; Radialsystem V – Berlin, 2010; Kunsthaus Muerz, Austria, 2011, Kunstverein Munich 2013.

Kathy Alberici
Bocca al lupo plays violin and analogue synth. Inhabiting a tingling space between noise, soundscapes, and drone, she will lead you through dark corridors to abandoned wilderness, emerging out of the shadows to tap you on the shoulder and run into the trees. She is best known for her role in psychedelic kraut-doom band, Drum Eyes (Upset the Rhythm). Her solo work yields evocative “sonic portraits” which twine hallucinatory string and synth shivers and loops around grainy, industrial skeletons.


Peter Kirn
Peter Kirn is editor of CDM (, for nearly ten years an online resource for the intersection of music technology, and a journalist, musician, and media artist. He is also co-creator of the MeeBlip, open-source electronic musical instrument hardware. Classically trained in composition, he produces electronic music and visual performances ranging from experimental to techno, as well as making music as half of NERK/KIRN (V-Records). His work is especially focused on live and real-time performance, drawing heavily from custom-built software and tools, and connections between music and other media, from dance to visual abstraction.

Born in Kentucky, he now lives in Berlin, Germany, and performs and teaches and speaks about creative technology internationally.

Katinka Marac & Ivo Bol

Lines is a sensory experience, a recreation of the sensations, patterns and rhythms that connect our body with the natural environment. Inspired by the principles of Western, Chinese and Japanese gardening we want to experience different ways of immersing of ourselves with our surroundings.

Katinka Marac is a lighting designer for contemporary dance and performance and teaches workshops in lighting design. She also creates autonomous light installations, which bring together her fascinations for the body, movement, space and rhythm.

Ivo Bol is a Amsterdam based composer, live performer and sound artist. Magnifying the atmosphere of small details, Bol samples and manipulates lost and found sounds to create a new soundworld.

Tijs Ham (aka Tapage) is a musician and sound artist with a background in visual arts and founder of the recordlabel Tapeface. Musically, anything is possible, which is reflected by the broad sonic range of his output. So far he has released several full length albums on the Chicago based record label Tympanik Audio alongside countless e.p’s and compilation appearances. His latest album ‘EIGHT’ on Adnoiseam, will be released two days prior to the STEIM SUMMERPARTY. Expect some nice mix of uptempo and downtempo electronics to close the night.