STEIM opens at Lely

June 9th, 2017 3:00 pm until June 10th, 2017
STEIM, Schipluidenlaan 12, 1062HE, Amsterdam STEIM, Schipluidenlaan 12, 1062HE, Amsterdam

Beginning of this year STEIM moved from Achtergracht in central Amsterdam to Broedplaats Lely in the west part of town. On Friday 9 and Saturday 10 June there will be a big event happening at Broedplaats Lely:


Urban Culture Days!


It’s the opening of the new broedplaats and the 10 year anniversary of Urban Resort. So we thought we’d join the spectacle with an opening event at STEIM.

modular synth

Date: Friday 9 and Saturday 10 June 2017, 15:00 – 20:00 hrs.
Location: STEIM, Schipluidenlaan 12, Amsterdam.
Entrance: free.
This event is part of Urban Culture Days, more info: CLICK HERE

Here is the STEIM program:

Open studio days, Friday and Saturday from 15:00 – 20:00 hrs.
We will open our new studio’s on the ground floor to the public, with some interesting sound-art and performance previews.

Studio 1, Friday & Saturday:

Tijs Ham & Roald van Dillewijn – WMWM

WMWM is an audiovisual artwork that takes the center stage in a series of concerts and performances. The audience is positioned around the object and treated to a combination of moiré patterns blended with ambient and drones. A novel approach to spacial audio, an inverted variation of the standard 5.1 setup, opens up new possibilities of sonically exploring the acoustics of the performance space.

Tijs Ham is a musician, instrument designer and sound artist with a background in visual arts. Musically, anything is possible, which is reflected by the broad sonic range of his output. In his artworks he applies programming, live-electronics techniques and system design to explore and expand the possibilities of audible expression. Inspired by artificial intelligence, chaos and evolutionary processes he creates instruments and performances that create dynamic structures and abstract aesthetics.

Roald van Dillewijn is a sound artist from The Netherlands. Using hacked hardware and home-made software to create spectral joy. In his recordings and performances he dives deep into the textural possibilities of ambient and drone music. Next to his solo work he also a part of Puin + Hoop and The Void*.


Studio 2, Friday only:

Genetic Choir – Loop-Copy-Mutate

LOOP-COPY-MUTATE: Music from People and Places

On the 23rd of June, Amsterdam-based vocal ensemble The Genetic Choir and STEIM veteran Robert van Heumen hold a special try-out at STEIM of their forthcoming concert under Amsterdam Central Station on 2 July. The STEIM audience will be able to test – both computer-based and human-based – interactive sound stations that are part of the concert and listen to instantly composed vocal pieces based on the environmental sounds of Amsterdam CS.
During the open studio day on Friday 9 June, they will be present with the interactive stations. It will be an informal, walk-in, workshop-like way to engage with their project.
More info:

If you would like to contribute sounds yourself to the database that will be used in the Loop-Copy-Mutate concerts, join one of the soundwalks that the Genetic Choir organises on Central Station on 4, 17 and 25 June. More info:

genetic choir

Studio 2, Saturday only:

Frank Baldé & Sybren Danz – Analog Synthesizer Studio

On saturday the 10th of June STEIM’s brand new mobile soundproof studio will be set up with STEIM’s collection of old analog synthesizers. Small presentations will be performed by Frank Baldé, STEIM’s software/firmware designer, and Sybren Danz, STEIM’s hardware developer specialized in analog circuitry. STEIM’s famous Black Box system, restored by Sybren, will be shown and demonstrated as well as a full Roland 100M modular synth system. In addition to these vintage systems, some new small devices designed by Sybren and Frank will be demonstrated as well.

modular synth

Studio 3, Friday & Saturday:

Mariska de Groot – LUMISONICS

Mariska de Groot thinks that all light is potential sound. She plays comprehensive optical sound instruments and installations. Her main instrument is inspired by the early Sovjet synthesizers and involves ‘tonewheels’, disks with perforated graphical patterns that represent sound.

During a 10 day residency at STEIM she will investigate the possibilities of her new made light-to-sound modules and special developed tonewheel simulator, and work on new compositions in light, pattern, sound and space for installation and performance. During the Open Studio Days she will open the doors to her work in progress.


Workshop- space on the 1st floor:
Friday 15:00 – 20:00 hrs., Saturday 15:00 – 17:30 hrs.

Mobile Touch Exhibition

Mobile Touch is STEIM’s traveling interactive exhibition, a curious collection of electronic instruments developed at STEIM for kids and adults. We believe the best way of experiencing sound and technology is to touch it, so we’ve built all the instruments of mobile touch to be instantly playable. Just pick them up and discover a whole new way of making music. Mobile touch is always evolving, with all of the instruments coming directly out of research and artist residencies done at STEIM.

mobile touch

1st Floor, room 116
Friday 15:00 – 17:00


For this edition of ASK STEIM we are going to dive once again into the financial side of the artistic practice. Lets talk about money!
If you are working on an application for a grant, bring your budget!
If you are considering setting up a business, bring your budget!
If you are wondering how to fund a life in the arts, come talk with us, and we will look at the black and the red…
Hosted by Kristina Andersen and Tijs Ham


On the big stage in the aula, hosted by Urban Resort & Broedplaats Lely, Alex Nowitz will give a performance on behalf of STEIM.
Saturday 10 June, 17:00 hrs:


Alex Nowitz

Alex Nowitz is a composer of vocal, instrumental and electroacoustic music. He writes concert music and creates works for opera, dance and theatre. He is also a voice artist and whistling virtuoso as well as a tenor and countertenor who presents a wide array of various extended techniques, which are way beyond the scope of purely classical singing.
From autumn 2007 until 2012, Nowitz has been invited numerous times by STEIM, where he developed two gesture-controlled live electronic instruments: the stimmflieger (with 2 Wii- remotes) and the strophonion. As voice artist he appears on record publications such as Mode (New York) or Leo Records (London). In 2010 he formed his own record label nowitz records which launched and released the CD Homo Ludens. Alex Nowitz won the 2nd European Competition for Live-Electronic Music Projects of the ECPNM 2009, and received numerous grants and residencies around the world. In 2014, he was guest at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. Since September 2014, he’s working on the PhD project, The Multivocal Voice, at the Stockholm University of the Arts, supervised by Sten Sandell and Rolf Hughes.

alex nowitz

Also, our director Dick Rijken will join the Urban Talk on Friday afternoon: