April 13th, 2012 10:00 pm 
OT301 Overtoom 301 Amsterdam OT301 Overtoom 301 Amsterdam

STEIM and Auxxx (Amsterdam Underkurrent XXX) team up once again to bring you the international music underground syndicate. Coming straight out of Kunming (YunNan region), rap group West HIll / Xi Shan combine influences from West Coast gangster rap with Chinese traditional instruments and rhymes written in their local dialect. They travel outside of China for the first time to shoot the last scene in their documentary Say Sing at the Cinemasia Festival, directed by Taiwanese music producer Kuang Chong Yu. Inner Science has been creating a sophisticated but beautiful kind of beat music since the late 90’s. Although he has been recognized as one of the most talented producers coming from the underground post hip-hop scene, this will be his first European appearance. Mind twisting local Terugklap and dj sniff support the evening with analog vs digital duo Margarita Osipian & Caetano Carvalho providing the visuals.

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Date:Friday, April 13
Location: OT301 Overtoom 301, 1054 HW Amsterdam
Start: 22:00
Charge: € 8

Xi Shan (West Hill) / CN
Innerscience / JP
Terugklap / NL

dj sniff / NL

Margarita Osipian / CA & Caetano Carvalho / BR

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Saturday, 7 April – 18:45 @ de Balie, Grote Zaal / Amsterdam
Screening of West Hill documentary SAY SING + Q&A with director Kuang Chong Yu:
Saturday, 7 April, 21:00 @ de Balie ,Salon/ Amsterdam
Meet and Greet with the band and mini- concert: FREE ENTRY

UPDATE: Their film SAY SING won the Audience Award for this year’s Cinemasia Festival!

This event is collaboration bewteen STEIM, AUxxx and Cinemasia Film Festival.

Xi Shan / Westhill
West Hill (Xi Shan) is a rap group coming straight out of Yun Nan region. They chose the protest genre of rap/hip hop as their creative vehicle to express the harsh realities of life, measuring up cool grooves, incorporating traditional instruments into their sound pool, they laced their lyrics with humor, satire and side swipe digs at a wide range of topics; social, emotional and controversial. Most uniquely, they rap in their own Kunming dialect. They recorded several demo tracks looking for a record deal but were ignored by all the record companies due to its ‘provocative’ nature then Kuang Chong Yu, a well known Taiwanese song lyrist and producer discovered them in 2007. Knowing enough about the market, Yu decided to follow the boys’ lives not only to bring the band’s story to the attention of the world in order for them to gain their due respect in China but also to realize his long delayed dream to make a film instead of chasing after less promising record deal.
After 4 years of working on the film, they found a chance to introduce the true story of the Chinese hiphop band to the audiences outside China while the boys will have performances for the first time abroad. The documentary will be screened as a rough cut while the screening of the film itself as well as the band’s performances will be shot and used as the ending scenes of the finally completed film. What could be more unique experience than to watch the unfinished documentary about Chinese hiphopers, see the live performances by the subjects of the film and be part of the film by being there with them?

Then well known Taiwanese A&R person, song lyrist and producer Kuang Chong Yu discovered them in 2007. Yu understood the band’s credibility, recognized their true creative agenda and decided that he needed to bring the band’s story to the attention of the world in order for them to gain their due respect in China. Across the last few months of 2008 and February 2009, Yu spent the entire period working with the band, shooting endless reels of HD film footage and now, with over 44 hours of usable film impressions as well as a 15 track CD, the real journey for the band and Yu has just began. In the pipeline there are 5 music clips, a dozen of so YouTube show-reels and, most importantly, a compelling feature length documentary about the band; “Say Sing”, all of which are now being spliced together in a Taipei editing suite.
Listen to their album.

Inner Science is the alias of project by Tokyo based producer Masumi Nishimura. Early on in his career he was involved in the so-called Japanese Hip Hop scene, but since the 00s he departed from narrowly defined Hip Hop and starting making instrumental electronic music. Merging beautiful melodies and fat beats, INNER SCIENCE draws unprecedented attention in Japan and overseas.
Listen to his new album

Amsterdam based Terugklap creates unpredictable beats and breaks taking influences from hip-hop, house, bass-music to household kitchenware and gardening tools. He has released a handful of releases from Clone Records and Lomechanik. His carefully composed chaos will twist your mind but keep your body moving. Listen to his music.

Caetano Carvalho is originally from Sao Paolo, Brazil where he worked as a designer and art director. He earned a professional degree in Computer Science and traveled as a freelancer between several countries in Europe. He is now a final year student at the Audiovisual Department of the GRA. Experienced with digital culture and advertising, he has a unique insiders view into the way our information society works. He is also a talented musician, experimenting with various analog machines to create raw, noise-influenced soundscapes.

Margarita Osipian is a slightly scattered artist living and working in Amsterdam. A little nervous about the digital realm, she works mainly with analog technology (like overhead projectors) and collaborates with local musicians doing live visuals for their performances.

The first hip-hop show dj sniff went to was Cypress Hill and Funkdoobiest Japan tour ’93. He didn’t know what all the green leaves meant back then.