STEIM & ADE: Exhibition

October 21st, 2017 8:00 pm 

Everyone is welcome to visit our Sound Art Hallway and Mobile Touch exhibition on Saturday evening, 21st of October, during Amsterdam Dance Event.
DATE: Saturday 21 October, 2017

TIME: 20:00 – 22:30 hrs.
COST: Free
LOCATION: STEIM (Broedplaats Lely), Schipluidenlaan 12, Amsterdam. Map
Please note: Due to lots of building activities the coming months around STEIM, the old directions on how to reach us are not valid anymore. So check our contact page regularly to find the latest guidance!

Sound Art Hallway

At STEIM we host a permanent Sound Art gallery. The works that are presented here don’t make any sound by itself. Therefor the public must explore and interact with the works. You are very welcome to do so. We have a changing collection, at the moment the following works are exposed:
Fedde ten Berge – Of Nature and Things
Fedde Berge is an interdisciplinary oriented sound artist. For several years he has developed sound artworks. These works investigate possible manifestations, combinations, and craftsmanship of different types of material. A recurring factor in these works is the use of ceramics. A substantial part of this research is to express the electrical capacity and vibrating qualities of the material. In each work a ceramic object is combined with other kinds of material. Some materials can be found ready made in nature and others are strongly manipulated by man.
The result is a series of three approachable objects. Sonic, visual and sculptural qualities of all materials used are being investigated, enriched and magnified. The objects invite the viewer to wonder and play. The sound sculptures seduce the viewer to be autonomous and personally interact with each work. Use your hands to touch and explore the objects, the objects will respond to you with magnified and designed electronic sound. They invite to independently but carefully explore the layered possibilities of each work. Hereby a private experience and relationship between the objects and the public occurs.
hetEI_FeddetenBerge copy
Fedde Berge – The Sound Experiment Station (The SES) Fedde Berge
The SES consists of several small acoustic instruments integrated into one approachable object. All instruments are supplemented with sensors and buttons that enable electronic audio manipulation. Experiment together or on your own with everything the SES has to offer, discover a new world of sounds, simultaneous layers and build up a actual piece of music.
KES_FeddetenBerge copy
Hans van Koolwijk – Bells
Seven bells are hanging close together onto long thin lines and can move freely through space. Due to variations in the line lengths, the loop times differ slightly, so that the bells tinkle for a long time. These collisions change the direction of the swings, thus allowing an infinite number of variations. It is fascinating to stare at them for a long time. You’ll be able to distinguish a certain “behavior” in response to the bells. Not simple, but understandable and yet inimitable in its operation.
a57ee6112414e2_471b4e25a30e2Bel1WEBSITE copy

Mobile Touch

Mobile Touch is STEIM’s interactive exhibition, a curious collection of electronic instruments developed at STEIM for kids and adults. We believe the best way of experiencing sound and technology is to touch it, so we’ve built all the instruments of mobile touch to be instantly playable. Just pick them up and discover a whole new way of making music. Mobile touch is always evolving, with all of the instruments coming directly out of research and artist residencies done at STEIM.