Quantum Enigma, An Installation by Robert B. Lisek

June 12th, 2014 8:00 pm 
STEIM Concertspace, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam Show in Google map

Have you ever thought about radioactive materials as generators of random light and sound impulses?
Well, you will definitely start after getting in contact with Quantum Enigma.


DATE: Thursday, 12th of June
TIME: 20:00
LOCATION: STEIM Concertspace, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam
THE ARTIST: Robert B. Lisek

The existing computing machines don’t generate random sequences; the so called pseudo-generators of random numbers are periodic. This is why the project reaches quantum states which are highly randomized and can be used for generating random numbers.

Understanding of the use of random numbers plays a very important role in times of mass surveillance. Random numbers sequence obtained from radioactive decay is a great cryptographic key. Cryptography is the ultimate form of non-violent direct action! There are math problems that you can create that even the strongest state cannot break. Cryptography allows to create regions free from the coercive force of the outer state. Free from mass interception. Free from state control. Be Random. Don’t Let Politicians and Economists Hack Your Activity!

Robert B. Lisek is an artist and mathematician who focuses on systems and processes (computational, biological, social). He is involved in the number of projects focused on radical art strategies, hacktivism and tactical media. Drawing upon conceptual art, software art and meta­media, his work intentionally defies categorization. Lisek is a pioneer of art based on AI and bioinformatics. Lisek is also a composer of contemporary music, author of many projects and scores on the intersection of spectral, stochastic, concret music, musica futurista and noise. He also explores the relationship between bio­ molecular technology, code and issues arising from network technologies by combining his DNA code with codes of viruses and recently by testing influence of radioactive materials on biological entities. Lisek is also a scientist who conducts a research in the area of theory of partially ordered sets in relation with artificial general intelligence and complexity theory. Author of many exhibitions and concerts, among others: NUCLEAR RANDOM GENERATOR ­ Harvestworks Arts Center New York and ICM Gallery Chelsea, RADICAL MIND ­ Columbia University New York, TERROR ENGINES ­ WORM Center Rotterdam, SECURE INSECURITY ­ ISEA Istanbul? DEMONS ­ Venice Biennale (accompanying events)? Manifesto vs. Manifesto ­ Ujazdowski Castel of Contemporary Art, Warsaw? NGRU ­ FILE, Sao Paulo? NEST ­ ARCO Art Fair, Madrid? Float ­ DMAC Harvestworks and Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, NYC? WWAI ­ Siggraph, Los Angeles? Falsecodes ­ Red Gate Gallery, Beijing? GENGINE ­ National Gallery, Warsaw? Flextex ­ Byzantine Museum, Athens, FXT­ ACA Media Festival, Tokyo and ISEA, Nagoya.

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