Oorsprong Curators Series

June 27th, 2016 7:00 pm 
PlantageDoklaan8-12, 1018CM, Amsterdam PlantageDoklaan8-12, 1018CM, Amsterdam

OORSPRONG curators series continues to promote, feed, refresh and challenge the improvisation tradition by presenting uniquely curated blinddate + instant composing lineups. These lineups represent ongoing, uncompromising, social and artistic experiments

DATE: 27th of June, 2016
TIME: 19:30 (Doors open at 19:00)
LOCATION: PlantageDoklaan8-12, 1018CM, Amsterdam


OORSPRONG’s mission

Promoting, feeding, refreshing, challenging and questioning Improvisation Tradition by presenting monthly 3 unique curated blinddate+instant composing lineups. These lineups represent by definition ongoing and uncompromising artistic and social experiments



Set 1

Phillip Moser / drums
Augusto Forti / clarinet
Marien Okkerse / cello
Hilde Elbers / movement
Mirte Courtens / movement
Roberta Stepankova / movement

Set 2

Erik Uittenbogaard / modular synth
Dianne Verdonk / La Diantenne + voice
Wilbert Bulsink / synth-hammond-piano

Set 3

Miguel Petrucelli / el guitar
Mariette Rouppe van der Voort / sorpano + alto sax + flute
Genevieve Murphy / bagpipes + voice
Dennis Sekretarev / trumpet
Jean Philipe Saulou / electronics
Kumi Iwase / clarinet + sax

Curated by:

Roberta Stepankova + Roald van Dillewijn + Kumi Iwase
with partners
present sounds amsterdam