Oorsprong Curators Series

February 17th, 2014 8:00 pm 
Het Poortgebouw, Tolhuisweg 2 - Amsterdam-Noord Het Poortgebouw, Tolhuisweg 2 - Amsterdam-Noord

Since 2011, STEIM has been collaborating with one of the few monthly experimental series in Amsterdam, OORSPRONG. The series is built upon the exciting concept of presenting a one-night-only cross-disciplinary lineup of improvisors.

To keep things fresh, the general rule at OORSPRONG that no artist performs more than once per season. This goes for curators as well, who are mixed up every edition to encourage both the curators and artists to get out of their social/artistic/improvised comfort zones and take risks. Jazz improvisors meet dancers, live electronic sound meets performance art, AV meets poetry. OORSPRONG is often exhilarating, always surprising, and never the same.

DATE: Monday 17 February, 2014
ADDRESS: Het Poortgebouw, Tolhuisweg 2 – Amsterdam-Noord
TIME: 20:00 hrs. (Doors open 19:30 hrs.)

Daniel Schorno / crackling electronics
Dead Fish Fuck / metal + wood instruments, electronics
Jan Kees van Kampen / assorted electronics
Marije Baalman / scremple-gestural controllers, livecoding

Wolter Wierbods / trombone
Gergo Kovats / alto sax
Klaus Kugel / drums, percussion

Michiel Scheen / piano
Julius Kaufman / alto sax
Thijs van Milligen / alto sax
Mars Williams / alto sax

Curated by: Marije Baalman, Klaus Kugel & Mars Williams


With additional support from:
Titia Daniels, Henk van der Geest/Het Poortgebouw, ILo, Tolhuistuin, Oscar Jan Hoogland, Nico Bes + Tijs Ham/STEIM, George Hadow, Lali, Guillaume Heurtebize.