Connector XII

June 7th, 2018 8:30 pm 

One year ago STEIM started their new event series ‘Connector’. Every first Thursday of the month we will connect with another collective or disciplin, resulting in either a concert or exhibition.

This time we have invited Jan-Bas Bollen and Alison Isadora. They have a long history of developing new work with and at STEIM and will be performing solo and together. Since their son Miro is also becoming an established artist, we thought to make it a family affair.

DATE: Thursday 7 June, 2018
TIME: 20:30 (Door open 20:00 hrs.)
COST: €7,50
LOCATION: STEIM (Broedplaats Lely), Schipluidenlaan 12, Amsterdam?

Jan-Bas Bollen
LAAG (2018)
For an exploration of the possibilities of the Leap Motion (digital Theremin), both an audio and video synth were built and combined in MAX. The title means “LOW” in Dutch and the presence of sub-audio is definitely the starting point of this live-performed – and intrinsically theatrical – work. However, “LAAG” also means “layer” and signifies the fact that there is only one layer of audiovisual experience present, a restriction that reinforces the focus on simple and pure forms. With special thanks to Daniele Fabris for his revamping of the preset system.

Jan-Bas Bollen is a composer, instrumentalist, digital artist, and educator from Amsterdam.

Miro Bollen
Ode to Ben Burtt (2018)

A live-generated audiovisual work inspired by sci-fi foley and sound effects.
The material is created in using granular and FM-synthesis and processed through a system that generates linear envelopes in Supercollider. The synchronous visuals are also based on the linearity by the use of lines.

Miro Bollen has a background as a classical pianist and is now finishing his second year of the Bachelor study Sonology at The Hague Conservatory.

Alison Isadora
Points of Contact (2018)
Alison has spent the last year writing works for acoustic instruments exclusively using harmonics.
In Points of Contact she turns her attention towards the acoustic consequences of harmonics on a detuned, amplified and processed violin.
A text from Henry Cowell acts as reference.

Alison Isadora was born and bred in Aotearoa/New Zealand and is a performing composer (or composing performer)  based in the Netherlands. She is currently a research fellow at DAS THIRD and embarking on a practice-based Doctorate focussing on co-creation within the composer/performer paradigm.

Critical State (2017-2018): CompilationV1.

SYNC consists of Jan-Bas Bollen and Alison Isadora. Over the last 19 years they have created a number of compelling works within an interactive electronic environment: Trace (2008), concerned with the dynamics of trauma on a political and personal level; Born and Bred (2001) dealing with issues of citizenship and belonging; The Deep South (2002) inspired by New Zealand geography; the The Big Shop (1998) a critical approach to consumerism and Hoofdwas (1994), music theatre for mezzo-soprano and MIDI-controlled washing machine, on the sores and pleasures of domestic duties.

Our in-house sound art exhibition will also be open to visit during the breaks.