Connector VI

December 7th, 2017 8:00 pm 

This summer STEIM started their new event series ‘Connector’. Every first Thursday of the month we will connect with another collective or disciplin, resulting in either a concert or exhibition.

For this edition we are connecting with the Instruments Make Play festival!

Studio 3:
SPACE DATA SPACE (Stephanie Castonguay, Canada)

Fascinated by the origins of our current digital media, Stephanie Castonguay is an experimental artist who explores the materiality of our disrupted communications through her kinetic, visual and sound installations. Using DIY electronics with a hands-on and playful approach, she disassembles discarded parts to reveal the invisible and inaudible phenomenon from our forgotten, broken and obsolete technologies.

Driven by a “Do-It-Yourself / Together” approach, she’s been closely involved in creative solidarity project Sondes, initiated by Montreal’s art centre Perte de Signal, to which she is an active member. Castonguay has also collaborated throughout many residencies (multimedia centre Kër Thiossane in Dakar, Eastern Bloc, Fablab du P.E.C.) and most recently, she was part of research group FIELD_TRIP organised by Oboro and L’Écart. Over the years, she has offered creative electronic workshops for artists, communities and families in Montreal (Studio XX, Eastern Bloc, UQÀM, Labàlab) and internationally (20e Festival International d’Art Vidéo de Casablanca, E-Fest).

GRAUTON (Karen Geyer, Zwitserland)

Karen Geyer is a sound artist who is active between Zurich and New York. Under the name “Grauton” (“shade of grey”) she invents and builds her own mechanical objects whose sounds she picks up using contact microphones; she then amplifies and steers these sounds via a mixing desk as if they were the instruments of an orchestra. The instruments here comprise common or garden items removed from their everyday duties, such as bicycles, fans, kettles, stools and electrical motors that Geyer manipulates by preparing them with simple materials such as wood, wire, rubber, cord and masking tape. The objects are prepared so that they play themselves, with chance factors integrated so that they constantly alter their sound. Karen Geyer may be the initiator of her sound installations, but as a musician she takes a more retiring, subordinate role and on the whole lets her machine orchestras play themselves. She chooses tracks at her mixing desk, filters or amplifies certain sounds and thereby creates compositions of noise, polymetrical structures and mechanical sounds.
With thanks to ProHelvetia for the support.

BEACON (Sjoerd Leijten & Olle Kruyt)

Sound artist Sjoerd Leijten and psychiatrist / engineer Olle Kruijt make sound bicycle performances and art expeditions as part of the Volle Band collective. Next to exploring the urban environment with bicycles, they are now exploring the sky, the cosmos and the earth through radiomagnetic waves in their brand new project BEACON. BEACON is kindly supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL.

HELICOPTER (Yuri Landman) – Helicopter is gemaakt in samenwerking gemaakt met iii

Yuri Landman (1973) is a musician and an inventor of musical instruments. Based on prepared guitar techniques, he built his first instrument in 2001 to solve the inaccuracy of instant preparations. He has build experimental for acts such as Sonic Youth, dEUS, Melt-Banana, Rhys Chatham, Ex-Easter Island Head, Half Japanese, Kaki King. In the past seven years he has given over 100 DIY-instrument building workshops in Europe and the US at music festivals, music academies, art academies, concert venues and art spaces. In 2012 Yuri Landman and Bart Hopkin published Nice Noise, a book about string preparations and extended techniques for guitar. In the same year he started his band Bismuth with Arnold van de Velde followed by an album in 2014 Bismuth. Institutes such as MIM (Phoenix), Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ, WORM, Extrapool, Sonoscopia own collections of his instruments. Articles about his work have appeared in Pitchfork, The Guardian, CNN, Libération, El País, Frankfurter Algemeine, and many others.

Helicopters is Landmans latest sound project made en presented with iii. A series of rotating machines create a wide variety of rhythmic sounds. Helicopters functions as a stand alone sound installation as well as a playable device.

Sound Art Hallway & MicroTone

DATE: Thursday 7 December, 2017
TIME: 20:30 (Door opens 20:00 hrs.)
COST: €7,50 (online or cash at the door)
LOCATION: STEIM (Broedplaats Lely), Schipluidenlaan 12, Amsterdam. Map

Please note! Due to lots of building activities the coming months around STEIM, the old directions on how to reach us are not valid anymore. Please check our contact page regularly to find the latest guidance!