Connector IX

March 1st, 2018 8:00 pm 

The Pentacle 15.3 surround sound

During Connector IX STEIM will connect with The Pentacle 15.3. ‘The Pentacle’ is a powerful high fidelity mobile speaker system, developed by Fedde ten Berge and Jesse Meijer, consisting of 15 self-designed loudspeakers and 3 self-designed subwoofers. We invited Yota Morimoto, Boy van Ooijen and Fedde ten Berge to make a musical performance especially for this Connector evening with Pentacle 15.3.

Yota Morimoto
Yota Morimoto is a Japanese composer, sound artist and researcher born in Brazil. He holds a master’s degree in Sonology from the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and Ph.D. in composition from the University of Birmingham, UK.
He has been performed and commissioned by ensembles and musicians such as Plus-Minus Ensemble [UK], Ensemble Vortex [CH], Ensemble Klang [NL], and his sound installations have been presented at festivals such as TodaysArt [The Hague, Kawasaki], Transmediale [Berlin], ISEA [Istanbul] and SICMF [Seoul].
He is also active in sound design, sonification and interactive sonic system implementation working with industrial and institutional commissioners such as Filmmuseum Amsterdam, Shiseido Co., Ltd. and Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Boy van Ooijen
Boy graduated drums cum laude at the Conservatory of Amsterdam in 2017 and is currently finishing his masters degree in Live Electronics. At the moment he is the drummer in several bands (Schizoid Lloyd, Bieldermann, Bagjuice, Jasper Erkens, Years), producing techno music under the alias of Nare Vent and with his solo work he is mainly focussing on audio visual performances by translating musical parameters to visuals and lights.
For this performance Boy will research how interpersonal response patterns relate to the musical background of his spectators, who will be exposed to industrial soundscapes in a setting of experimental futurism.


Fedde ten Berge
Fedde ten Berge is an Amsterdam based sound artist who creates work across different contexts and disciplines.
In his work, Fedde challenges his audience to leave the comfort zone of the distant spectator and, to a large extent, take responsibility for the experience of his work. In exhibiting his work he is looking for social aspects and alludes to playful interaction inbetween his audience. Fedde works as the artistic coordinator at STEIM in Amsterdam. Within the STEIM building he manages his own workshop for electronics, wood and metal processing. He organizes exhibitions together with and within STEIM as well as on his own title.


The Pentacle
The Pentacle originated from the desire to make sound art and enhanced live music a spatial experience. The Pentacle wants to offer artists and audiences an equal space to explore and meet the sound together. This is in contrast to a stage to watch from a distance.
The sound experience (and with it the musical experience) is the same for the artist and the audience. An arrangement with artists on one side of the audience and remote audience on the other side of the room is thus transcended.
To exploit the full potential of the Pentacle system, artists, musicians and performers are challenged in advance to think about how their instruments are spatially amplified. Or even prefer to customize their music in a spatial representation. This gives a chance for interesting new encounters and developments for both artists and audiences.

DATE: Thursday 1 March, 2018
TIME: 20:30 (Door opens 20:00 hrs.)
COST: €7,50 (cash at the door)
LOCATION: STEIM (Broedplaats Lely), Schipluidenlaan 12, Amsterdam