Connector III

September 7th, 2017 8:00 pm 

This summer STEIM started their new event series ‘Connector’. Every first Thursday of the month we will connect with another collective or disciplin, resulting in either a concert or exhibition.



DATE: Thursday 7 September, 2017
TIME: 20:00 hrs.
COST: €7,50
LOCATION: STEIM (Broedplaats Lely), Schipluidenlaan 12, Amsterdam. Map
PLEASE NOTE: Due to lots of building activities the coming months around STEIM, the old directions on how to reach us are not valid anymore. So check our contact page regularly to find the latest guidance!

For the third edition STEIM is collaborating with the iii Initiative from The Hague! Erfan Abdi will present his new interactive installation “The Facility of the Other”. Dan Gibson, an allumni of the Instruments & Interfaces master will perform a new version of his modified cello!


Erfan Abdi

Erfan Abdi (1983 – Tehran) is an artist, designer and performer based in The Hague since 2009. He graduated from the Masters program at the Artscience Interfaculty, Royal Conservatoire The Hague in 2011. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design from the University of Tehran (2006) he has a background in visual art and design, while he has also experimented with electronic music, video art, computer programming, physical computing and with constructing physical models for haptic controllers.


Dan Gibson

The work of Dan Gibson focuses around the blending of the acoustic and digital, real and imaginary, past and present to build new and interesting sonic experiences. This is achieved through the electronic decoupling of sound from its source, manipulating the associative qualities of sound and intertwining traces of disparate events. In addition to this, Gibson’s work often incorporates elements of experimentation and improvisation and aims to explore the sonic subtlety, textural nuance and dynamic intensity found in the natural soundscape.

Pcbs and Panels2


Sound Art Hallway

At STEIM we host a permanent Sound Art gallery. The works that are presented here don’t make any sound by itself. Therefor the public must explore and interact with the works. You are very welcome to do so before-, during the intermission and after the concert.
We have a changing collection. For the moment the following works are exposed:

Mobile Touch – Frank Baldé
De Stronk – Fedde ten Berge
Het Ei – Fedde ten Berge
De Shroom – Fedde ten Berge
De KES – Fedde ten Berge
Bellen – Hans van Koolwijk
The Web – Michel Waisvisz



Our neighbours from MixTree will pre-open their cantina especially for us.

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