Connector I

July 6th, 2017 8:00 pm 
STEIM, Schipluidenlaan 12, 1062HE, Amsterdam Show in Google map

STEIM is starting a new event series ‘Connector’. Each month we will connect with another collective resulting in either a concert or exhibition. For the first edition we will connect with Soundlings

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DATE: 6th of July, 2017
TIME: 20:00
COST: €7,50
LOCATION: Schipluidenlaan 12

Soundlings is a growing group of international creatives, who work with sound!Their mission is to stimulate collaboration, encourage experimentation and generate sonic experiences.


Roald van Dillewijn
Roald van Dillewijn is a sound artist from The Netherlands. Using hacked hardware and home-made software to create spectral joy. In his recordings and performances he dives deep into the textural possibilities of ambient and drone music. Next to his solo work he also a part of Puin + Hoop and The Void*.
The main goal of Digilog is to use guitar pedals different than most users do, to create beautiful new sounds. To achieve this goal the guitarpedals are hacked. Every parameter is controllable by a computer.
Gagi Petrovic
Gagi Petrovic is a composer of music and sound. He was born in Serbia and lives in The Netherlands. As a composer he works in both autonomous and applied contexts, getting commissions from internationally renowned organisations such as Gaudeamus Muziekweek and receiving grants for further developing his artistic goals and share his findings through performances – usually. Additionally, he teaches composition, is a tutor and organises concerts of contemporary music.
Tijs Ham
Tijs Ham started his artistic career in the visual arts but soon moved to music and sound art. Using the moniker Tapage he has released many EP’s and albums on a wide range of record labels. He is the co-founder of the Soundlings Collective and has been instrumental in setting up the think tank Meetups, which discusses many topics related to arts and technology. Currently Tijs is working for STEIM as an organizer. He regularly performs onstage, both solo and as part of the trio The Void*, playing his custom-built instruments based on feedback and recursion.
‘States’ is a performance around a self-balancing chaotic system in which the performer shifts between controlling or playing these processes and listening to them. The complex structures are allowed to collapse into their own states of being. Letting go of the steering wheel.